Minimalist Holidays – How To

At first glance, you might think going minimal for the holidays will take away your joy. However, it will actually enrich your experience. And that’s the key…  focus on the experience rather than materialism. This also doesn’t mean you have to go all out with food, decorations or anything material […]


Minimalist Holidays Add Joy

The holidays are usually considered a happy time.  A time for giving and gifts and family. For many though, there is an underlying feeling of pressure, stress and overwhelm.  That is NOT joyful. Several years ago my family decided to tone down the consumerism of the holidays by limiting our […]


What is Extreme Minimalism?

Extreme minimalism is not about having nothing.  It’s not even about having less.  It’s certainly not about deprivation. It is about having quality items that enrich your life and letting go of items that burden you. You probably don’t even realize how your “stuff” can weigh you down.  Think about […]


Tiny House Craze – Live with Less

Living Tiny What better way to go minimal and start really living life?  The first time I saw a picture of a tiny house on the internet, I wanted to live in one. Can you imagine living in 300 square feet or less?  To me, that’s truly a tiny house. […]

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Journey To Minimalism… It’s a Process!!!

Letting Go of The Anchor In 2012, as the holiday season was approaching, I gave myself a huge gift by letting go of something I once loved, that was now weighing me down. I woke up and broke free of the constraints of an illusion I had allowed myself to […]