Minimalist Holidays Add Joy

Minimalist Holidays Add Joy

christmastree-freeimages-radoslava-todorovaThe holidays are usually considered a happy time.  A time for giving and gifts and family.

For many though, there is an underlying feeling of pressure, stress and overwhelm.  That is NOT joyful.

Several years ago my family decided to tone down the consumerism of the holidays by limiting our gift giving obligations only to the kids.  I was ecstatic about that decision!

You see, I had become a bit of a Scrooge…  Exchanging gifts with everyone and making sure the exchange was fairly even, just started to seem silly and stressful.  Choosing great gifts for others without breaking the bank was frustrating.  And more importantly, I didn’t want my loved ones to waste money buying me things I didn’t really need.

So, skipping the gifts for all except the lil ones was great.  I finally started enjoying the holidays and simply spending time with people I love.  Doing less actually enriched my holidays.

Consider other, more simple ways to share the holidays with your family.