My Journey To Minimalism

My journey to minimalism began about a year ago.  At least that’s when my conscious journey began.  I’ve actually been a bit of an obsessive purger for some time.  I suppose though, I was also over-consuming since I continued to have items to purge.

Last year I sold the house I had been in for a decade.  A few months before moving, I started a massive purge, selling as much as I could.  I had three weekend long garage sales, listed larger items on craigslist and smaller items on ebay.  I sorted and sold…  It was amazingly freeing!

You see, my house had become a burden…  “underwater” after the value had plunged and with still far too many projects left to do…  It felt like an anchor I was tied to instead of the home I once loved.

As I sorted through the items I had accumulated over the past decade, I wondered about the decisions I had made.  I found myself asking over and over, “Why do I have this?” and “Why did I even buy this?”

I once believed in the idea of the “American Dream”…  owning a home, filling that home with material comforts to make it my own, creating wealth so I would have the “freedom” to travel and live in luxury.  This vision was fleeting.  I guess at heart, I’m just too down to earth for it to stick.’

I came to realize material wealth is not the path to freedom at all.  The beautiful truth is that once you have what you truly need for basic survival and comfort, any material items beyond this only begin to weigh you down.

How can you truly have freedom with so many items to take care of?

I have been feeling the “itch” again to purge even more.  I still have much more than I truly need.  I never did get rid of all the items I was ready to purge a year ago.

I am, once again, putting focus on releasing the excess in my life… to make room for what I really need to experience freedom and abundance.  This is my journey.


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