Journey to Minimalism… Phase II

At the end of 2015, I downsized again.  This time I moved into ONE bedroom…  not a one bedroom…  JUST ONE BEDROOM.  Ok,  it was a pretty large bedroom…  plus I had a bathroom, some space in the kitchen…  and a 5’x5′ storage unit.

This lasted about 3 months until I moved into a one bedroom condo with my guy.  No garage this time, although there’s a decent amount of storage and a good sized patio.

This downsize consisted mostly of selling items on craigslist, giving stuff away to friends or family and making donations.  I skipped the garage sale route.

There were some items I had a hard time getting rid of… even for free.  For example, I had a very heavy china hutch that no one wanted to bother moving down the stairs, no matter how low I brought the price down…  that got donated and one organization picked it up, no problem.  Yay!!!

Fast forward about two years, to now…  I realize, each time I’ve downsized only to the space I knew I would have available.  I really eliminated as little as possible to fit into the new space.

Sooooo….  I still have crap I don’t really need.  I keep carting it around.  And now I ask myself, WHY???  If I had it to do over again, I would have ditched a lot more stuff earlier.  I guess I just wasn’t ready to let it go.

Well, that changes now.

I told myself, at one time, I needed to pare down as if I’ll be living in an RV…  because eventually I’d love to do that.  EVENTUALLY….  Ha!  Turns out that might be happening sooner than I expected.

We’re seriously considering it, at least for a few months.

So now I’m taking a good hard look at what we really NEED.

After having most of my precious “stuff” stored in boxes and closets, I realize I haven’t used much of it in these past 2 years.  I’ve filled bags and bags of clothes that I never wear.  And still, I find more clothes stashed that I never wear.  Even the ones that do fit now (I lost quite a bit of weight in the past few months), they no longer suit me.  Either they’re out of style or simply don’t spark joy when I put them on.

I imagine living with only what I really need, use and love.  The idea of that feels even more freeing now.  So, on to phase 3…  the super downsize.  This will be more of what I seriously consider extreme minimalism…  I think 😉

We’ll see how I do!

Tiny House Craze – Live with Less

Tiny House Craze – Live with Less

Living Tiny

little-model-house-freeimages-jasonaabergWhat better way to go minimal and start really living life?  The first time I saw a picture of a tiny house on the internet, I wanted to live in one.

Can you imagine living in 300 square feet or less?  To me, that’s truly a tiny house.  I love the idea of building a livable tiny house on a movable trailer.  That way, you don’t have to know WHERE you want to live and you don’t have that “anchor” holding you in one place.

With a movable home, you can still go anywhere.  To me, it seems to be the ultimate freedom.

I love watching shows like Tiny House Nation to get ideas for my tiny dream home and to see how they pare down their belongings.  It inspires me to purge even more and to take a new perspective of ‘what do I really need’.

Here’s a couple of quick “how to” tips I picked up…

#1 – Choose a number of items to keep from one area (whether it’s a small room, a drawer, a shelf, a cabinet, etc…  Stretch yourself to make it as small a number as you can.  Go through the area & keep only the 5 (or whatever the number you chose is) items.  Ditch the rest.

#2 – Pull out a plastic bin or two & keep only what you can fit in them.  Do this for a specific space in your home OR if you want to go extreme, do it for the whole home.

Remember, it’s a process.