What is Extreme Minimalism?

What is Extreme Minimalism?

minimal-freeimages-peter-malinowskyExtreme minimalism is not about having nothing.  It’s not even about having less.  It’s certainly not about deprivation.

It is about having quality items that enrich your life and letting go of items that burden you.

You probably don’t even realize how your “stuff” can weigh you down.  Think about how you feel in your space.  Do you feel light and free?  Or do you feel heavy, anxious, stifled or cramped?

Think about how much time you spend taking care of “stuff”… organizing, rearranging and cleaning.  When you have only what you really need and love, you waste less time handling unneeded items.

Do you have piles of paper in multiple locations?  Does that cause you to pay bills late and cost you in late fees?

Do you have closets full  of clothes you don’t wear?  Or maybe you wear clothes you don’t love and don’t feel good in.  That’s the worst!  It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you don’t feel good in your packaging.

Do you have a hard time finding items when you need them because they’re hidden in a sea of items you don’t need? Do you have closets and cabinets stuffed full of stuff???

If you find yourself challenged with letting go because you might need it someday, might fit into it someday or whatever other excuse you give yourself, you can make the process easier by changing your perspective.

When you ask yourself the right questions, it becomes easy to let go of excess.

One of the best questions I’ve come across is from the KonMari method…

“Does it spark joy?”

How great is that?  If you ONLY have items remaining that spark joy, how wonderful will your space be?  How amazing will you feel when you’re surrounded by things that spark joy in you?

To truly embrace extreme minimalism, imagine and set your intention to be surrounded by beautiful, quality, useful items… everything that makes you feel light and happy (or joyful).